About Us

The Hero Resource Center is an exclusive online platform where heroes (police, firefighters, military, emergency) come to connect with other heroes and find a myriad of personal and professional opportunities all over the world. There are many online platforms that provide its users with similar resources, however nothing comes close to the amount of value we provide exclusively to heroes.

Our History

The Hero Resource Center was created by Herman Johnson, a seasoned firefighter who retired in early 2018 after serving the New Jersey community for 33 years. Throughout his firefighter career, helping other heroes has been his passion. In the past Herman has ran service-based companies which helped hundreds of heroes with job opportunities, corporate discounts and other benefits across the USA.

After retirement, Herman was able to dedicate 100% of his time and efforts to fulfill his ultimate dream… to help heroes and their families all over the world. By incorporating top-notch talent, technology and resources, the Hero Resource Center was produced and launched with love on late 2018. An ambitious roadmap has been set in place for upcoming years to continue to bring additional value to our valued heroes.

For Heroes by Heroes

The Hero Resource Center is a ONE-STOP Resource Center for Current & former uniformed professionals (police, firefighters, military, emergency) who are looking for a place to connect and communicate with individuals who share your same passion.

Moreover, the HRC provides you with exclusive rewards and networking tools not available on any other platform. All of this and more is available exclusively to heroes at no cost as a way for us to reward you for your commitment and hard work you dedicate on your line of service.

Are you a hero? Find, Connect, Contribute & Network

Connecting Communities around Heroes

There are many organizations willing and able to help heroes, unfortunately most of them are scattered online and offline. With the help of non-profit organizations such as Charities, Food Banks, Churches and local businesses; the Hero Resource Center serves a liaison between heroes, their families and organizations that support them.

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