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Business Users FAQs

Do you provide Franchise discounts?

We have special plans for Franchises and businesses with over 10 locations. To take advantage of unique features, special pricing and dedicated support contact our sales team at [email protected] or by calling 888-678-8572

Do you provide a discount for Multiple Locations?

Our platform allows you to add and manage multiple locations, each location has to have it’s own subscription. Discounts start with businesses with 10 locations or more.

What is the “Hero-Supporter” user profile for?

The goal of our platform is to take the hero and business connections to the next level. This is why we are allowing our registered and verified businesses to create an additional user profile as a “Hero-Supporter”. This profile is the same type of profile our heroes have. The main purpose of this profile is to allow you to connect and interact with users on a more personal level.

As a hero-supporter user, you will be able to take advantage of all of the social media features of the platform, interact inside the user groups and much more. You will see a link on how to do this via email and inside your business dashboard.

Please note that your “business profile” and “hero-supporter profile” are different, therefore you need to log out from your business profile in order to login/register as a Hero-Supporter.

How is this platform different from online directory sites?

There are many online directory sites out there however few or none of their platform revolve around heroes. If you want your business to reach the large but elusive Hero Market Audience Efficiently then you have to have a strong presence on the Hero Resource Center.

How do I manage my business account?

Once you create your business profile and choose the desired plan, you will be directed to your Business Dashboard where you will have access to all of the features available for your plan. Once inside you will be able to manage your listing(s), track analytics, post announcements and much more.

Where can I see the business plans available?

Once you register your business, you will be directed to the page where you can see the packages we have available. If you have an existing account, you can see the plans available on your Business Dashboard under “Listings” > “Change Plan” > “Compare Packages” next to your existing listing.

What business plan is right for me?

If you are startup with less than 2 years’ experience, we recommend choosing a free plan. If you are an established business, we recommend choosing any paid plan given the additional benefits you will enjoy in terms of presence and ability to reach your target audience on a more direct level. Currently our plans are extremely affordable while we grow our user base. Prices will change in the future; therefore, we highly encourage you lock today’s plan rates for your company.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time on your Business Dashboard under “Listings” > “Change Plan” > “Change Packages” next to your existing listing. Please note that once you downgrade your paid plan, any premium features/data will be lost. If you upgrade your plan, you will automatically have access to the Premium features available for the new plan.

Can I cancel my monthly or annual plan at any time?

Yes you can cancel your plan any time on your Business Dashboard under “Listings” > “Change Plan” > “Change Packages” next to your existing listing. Please note that once you cancel your paid plan, your existing listing will automatically be switched to a Free Listing and any premium features/data will be lost.

I’m interested in a strategic partnership – how can I help?

You can find information about our referral program at https://theheroresourcecenter.com/hero-ambassador/
Or sign up for our Referral Program at https://thehrc.ositracker.com/refer

How can I delete my business account?

You can contact us via our website https://theheroresourcecenter.com/contact-us
Via email [email protected] or phone 888-678-8572

How can my business help support the hero resource center?

The Hero Resource Center looks forward to partnering with corporations that align with its mission, particularly in aspects of their business and values. If you would like to join the ranks of those supporting The Hero Resource Center, please visit us at www.TheHeroResourceCenter.com

Platform FAQs

How can I contact the heroes resource center?

You can contact us via our website https://theheroresourcecenter.com/contact-us
Via email [email protected] or Phone 888-678-8572

What kind of accounts can I open on the HRC?

If you are a Police Office, Fire Fighter, Military Personnel, First Responder you can create a Free Personal Hero Profile Page. You can upload a profile picture, information about your career of department, post to your own timeline and share information with other Heroes. If you have a business, up can create a Free Business Profile and promote your products or services to other heroes.

Does hero resource center have any religious or political affiliations?

The Hero Resource Center does not provide support to political or religious organizations or causes. Honoring and empowering our Heroes is not about politics, but about offering gratitude to the men, women and children that have made significant personal sacrifices to ensure the safety of us all.

How does the hero resource center differ from similar websites?

The Hero Resource is different because we use a customized Social Media Platform that allows Heroes to connect with businesses and businesses to connect with Heroes on one platform. Heroes and businesses have their own profiles that they manage. Once created, they can post, share and view information one each individual profile.

What inspired the name “hero resource center”?

There are thousands of companies that offer discounts, jobs, products and services to Heroes. They are scattered all over the internet. The Hero Resource was inspired by the thought of having a central location where all that is being offered to Heroes can be found in one location.

What is the mission of the hero resource center?

The mission of The Hero Resource Center is be a Resource Center for Heroes to find jobs, product and service discounts and other opportunities offered by businesses for their service.