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There are many Heroes and Businesses who still don’t know about all the great things happening on The Hero Resource Center Platform! If you are interested in becoming one of our Hero Ambassadors and promoting our website to businesses, then click on a link below! Its a great way to advocate for Heroes and be rewarded at the same time! Join today!

How it Works

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To become a Hero Ambassador and earn Money, you will have to:

  • Create a user account: Register Now.
  • Gain user knowledge: Being a user will give you the knowledge needed to advocate for our Platform.
  • Create your user profile: A Profile on our Platform allows you to start networking with Heroes and Businesses.
  • Use user tools: As a user you will be able to search for Jobs, Discounts and search business pages.
  • Connect with other users: You’ll also be able to communicate with other Heroes.


Share you Unique URL with Local Businesses.

  • Referral Sales Tracker: We’ll track and attribute all referred sales to you.
  • We use OmniStar Referral Software – one of the best in the business!
  • Referral Management System: You’ll have access to your own secure account where you’ll be able to manage your referral campaign, track referrals and see Your Commissions in Real Time!
  • Referral Link: You can share you link in whatever manner you like including email, social media, banner, links, blogs or other affiliate programs.
  • Referral Commission: Share your link with Business Associates, Businesses, Friends and get commission if they Purchase a Plan. (See Plans)


For every Business that you Get To Sign-Up On Our Platform, you will:

  • Get A $100 Gift Card or $100 Cash Paid Via PayPal!
  • Gift Cards will be mailed Directly to You or Paid to Your PayPal Account (Must have PayPal)
  • Get a Unique URL link that will Track Every Business You Refer.
  • You must Create an Affiliate Account in order to Receive the $100 Gift Card or $100 PayPal Cash. 
  • You can View your Sales Activity through your very own dashboard and Track every Sales on your behalf!
  • Receive a Monthly Statement of all your Sales, Payouts and Marketing Activity.
  • Get Access to our Marketing Material or You can Use Your Own method to Promote your Unique URL the best way you see fit!
  • Lastly. The $100 Gift Card or $100 Cash is for Each Account that Signs Up on Your Behalf. There are no limits to this offer! 

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Honoring & Helping our Heroes

We provide tools and resources for heroes that serve and protect

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hero Resource Center is an exclusive online platform where Heroes (police, firefighters, military, first responders) come to connect with other heroes and find a myriad of personal and professional opportunities all over the world. There are many online platforms that provide its users with similar resources, however nothing comes close to the amount of value we provide exclusively to Our Heroes. When you Partner with us, you become a spreader of Good Will to the men and women that put their lives on the line daily for Our Lives, Our Liberties and Our Pursuit of Happiness!

Yes! You should still create a profile on our Platform by creating a user account. This will allow you to setup an account on the Platform and familiarize yourself with the platform.  Click here to Create an account.

Gift Cards & PayPal Cash  are sent out twice a month on the 15th and the 30th.

You will earn a $100 Gift Card from All Businesses that you refer and that signs-up on the Platform.

There is no limit on how much you can earn. You get a $100 Gift Card or $100 PayPal Cash for every business that signs-up on your behalf.  You will only be paid for what the system tracks. Your unique URL is tracked from the time someone clicks on it until someone checks out. The system will calculate this and determine your total Gift Card Amount. You’ll be able to see your sales in real time by logging into your Referal Account (Personal Dashboard). If you have further questions, you will be provided an email address in your welcome email in which you can address specific questions to.

Anyone can Join! If you are an active or retired Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Military Personnel, First Responder or Family Member, we would love for you to be one of our Hero Ambassadors!

The Hero Resource Center Platform has every category from Apples to Zebras! Any business that is local, legal and legitimate is best for our Platform. We want companies and businesses that want to offer Jobs, Discounts, Products and Services to Our Heroes! Companies that want to give back to Heroes! Companies that have the Spirit of Good Will!

Once you register and you are accepted to Our Referral Program, you’ll have immediate access to your Personal Dashboard as well as your unique share link. This link can be posted to your social media channels or emailed to your clients and will redirect them to The HRC Business Page. There a business will be able to see information about our Platform and Sign-up! When they sign up and purchase a Paid Plan, you’ll earn that $100 Gift Card!

Once enrolled, you will have access to your own Dashboard that will allow you to market your Unique URL and Track your Sale Activity. You can login anytime to see the status of all your referral activity and payouts.

Start getting paid today!

Becoming a Hero Ambassador and start earning money by sharing your referral code

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