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Hero Users FAQs

How do I manage my hero account?

Once you create your hero account, you will see your name on the top right corner of the site. Once you hover over your name you will see many shortcuts to all of the cool things you can do through your hero profile.

Is there a cost for having a hero profile?

No, our goal is to provide as much value as possible to our heroes as a way of thanking them for all of the value they bring to our communities. The revenue generated by the platform comes from hero-friendly businesses who want to connect with the hero community on a higher level.

How is this platform different from social media sites?

Unlike social media platforms, our users are Police Offices, Fire Fighters, Military Personnel, First Responders (Heroes) and hero supporters alike. We build this platform with their needs and wants as our top priority. Our platform has many of the same great features of social media sites but with additional benefits you will never find there.

How can I delete my Hero User account?

You can contact us via our website http://the-hrc.flywheelsites.com/contact-us/
Via email [email protected] or Phone 888-678-8572

As a hero, how can I help support the hero resource center?

By creating a Hero Profile and sharing our URL with other Heroes, Businesses and family members. Our platform is about sharing, communicating and promoting information from businesses that are looking to help Heroes.

Platform FAQs

How can I contact the heroes resource center?

You can contact us via our website https://theheroresourcecenter.com/contact-us
Via email [email protected] or Phone 888-678-8572

What kind of accounts can I open on the HRC?

If you are a Police Office, Fire Fighter, Military Personnel, First Responder you can create a Free Personal Hero Profile Page. You can upload a profile picture, information about your career of department, post to your own timeline and share information with other Heroes. If you have a business, up can create a Free Business Profile and promote your products or services to other heroes.

Does hero resource center have any religious or political affiliations?

The Hero Resource Center does not provide support to political or religious organizations or causes. Honoring and empowering our Heroes is not about politics, but about offering gratitude to the men, women and children that have made significant personal sacrifices to ensure the safety of us all.

How does the hero resource center differ from similar websites?

The Hero Resource is different because we use a customized Social Media Platform that allows Heroes to connect with businesses and businesses to connect with Heroes on one platform. Heroes and businesses have their own profiles that they manage. Once created, they can post, share and view information one each individual profile.

What inspired the name “hero resource center”?

There are thousands of companies that offer discounts, jobs, products and services to Heroes. They are scattered all over the internet. The Hero Resource was inspired by the thought of having a central location where all that is being offered to Heroes can be found in one location.

What is the mission of the hero resource center?

The mission of The Hero Resource Center is be a Resource Center for Heroes to find jobs, product and service discounts and other opportunities offered by businesses for their service.